Our Philosophy

Our mission, vision, commitment and values

  • Our mission is to capture your important’s stories and with our enjoyable experience to present you the performance you expecting and even more by respecting our values and our people.
  • Our vision is to grow by investing and embracing photographic art, be pioneers and keep our high-quality service in the finest, unique and exclusive way for you.
  • Our commitment is to fulfil our mission and vision with respect, reliability, passion, determination, professionalism and responsibility.
  • We provide values by offering great quality services, respect to our customers, improvement and development in our business.

Society Contribution

Social offering

Photography services offered to charity organisations such as social activity centres and to the less privileged students of schools.


The founder of the company who has a 30 year experience in the field, has gathered a collection of objects concerning photography since 1986 such as cameras, video cameras, tripods and mini labs. You can visit our photography studio to see these exhibits in a specially designed place.